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Our company, NEXT Corporation is a specialized manufacturer of Auto body repair & Paint equipment.
Since establishing as a collision repair equipment manufacturer in 1989, we carefully selected the equipments of the whole world, and have done the design plannings of the body shops.
Collision repair system, infrared heating system and design planning we produce are not only for Japanese car makers, car dealers, body shops. we have earned high praise around the world.
We believe that our work is not limited to the auto aftermarket, but to all people, the countries of the world, and even the earth.


NEXT brand - Collision repair system
made in Japan

Luxurious aluminum anchor rail and holding device that can set easily.

HEAT NEX - Infrared heating system
made in Japan

The carbon lamp produced by Japanese technology emits triple wavelengths of - Short infrared / Mid infrared / Far infrared -.

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company profile

Company name NEXT CO., LTD
Street address 4-36 Namazubashi Shippo-cho Ama-city Aichi Japan
TEL / FAX TEL :+81-52-559-2115 / FAX : +81-52-559-2116
Establishment 1989
CEO Yukihiro Iida
Purpose Manufacturer of Auto body repair & Paint equipment.
Delivery customer Each car maker and dealer maintenance factory, sheet metal paint plant,
non-life insurance company gas station, maintenance vocational school etc.
Office Head office (Aich) / East japan office (Chiba) / Tokyo office (Tokyo)
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